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About our Pressing Business

Play Pressers is first and foremost a video production company. We’re a collection of people who got bored with making ads for shoe stores, bars and doctors. Instead, we wanted to make videos in an industry we love. We landed on making game trailers. They’re fun, challenging and come with a huge variety to their needs.

We’re based out of the frigid Fairbanks, Alaska but have served clients as far as Europe. Thank god for the internet!



You can’t do anything without a script. After we have some eyes on time with your game we pitch you a few ideas for a trailer and if you already have one, we’ll help make it into reality. Once we decide on a direction that you’re happy with we go and write up a full script for it. This is where the magic really happens. We let you make as many revisions to the script as you need to, it’s much easier to change some lines of text than a couple shots later. Once we have a script locked down, we do some very uncomplicated math and come up with a quote for you.

At this point, we ask for 50% of the costs as a down payment to cover props, actors, locations. Once the payment comes through we get the cameras ready.

With the script approved by you we start going to work! Scheduling all the actors, ordering props and finding locations will determine how fast we can get your video shot but it typically takes two to three weeks. We’ll let you know as soon as we finish the shoot. Then we take all this sparkly footage back to the edit bays and start putting the pieces together!

If you’re getting a simpler gameplay trailer, there probably won’t be much in the way of shooting as we’ll just capture footage straight from your game to use in a flashy dashy video.

The Cuts:
When we have our cut ready for you to see, we’ll send you a password protected link where you can finally view your brand new game trailer. ┬áNow, we understand that you may want a few things changed and we let you make 2 rounds of editing revisions to tweak things here and there, at no charge. We’ll go back and make the tweaks for you and once we have your approval we’ll get it ready for delivery!

Your video is done! Before we deliver the final file we ask for the remaining 50% payment from our earlier quote plus any extra editing charges if we used more than two rounds. Once the payment goes through we’ll give you a link to download the final, full HD file and you can spread it across the great internets! You could probably air on your local television if you want, the file is yours and it’s completely up to you. So stoke the hype fire with it and get selling your game!